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Garage Door Service Antelope, CA

No matter if you are looking for an easy garage door service, repair, or looking into getting a brand new garage door installation we can help. Our team at Garage Door Repair Antelope, CA is happy to give you top quality service.

We always make it a priority to strive to give the city of Antelope and surrounding areas excellent service. Do not hesitate to give us a call today for fast reliable service in your area.

What To Do When Your Garage Door Gets Stuck

Does your garage door always work like it is supposed to? Maybe you have dealt with it not closing properly before it starts to come back up again. You may have also had to deal with it not opening at all unless messed with for a minute and the next day it works perfectly.

Troubleshoot Your Broken Door

You would be surprised that there are actually a few things you are able to check on your own with a few adjustments and try to diagnose the problem. There are some things you may be able to adjust on your own, but some things only need to be done by a professional. We have a list of a few things that you should check first if your garage door is giving your trouble:

  • Are the tracks on it bent?
  • Are the rollers staying in the tracks all the way up and down?
  • Has the eye sensors been knocked out of alignment, damaged, or covered with mud?
  • When closing the garage door does it make a loud sound like it may be struggling to open or close?
  • Have you looked to see if the weather seal at the bottom is torn or even missing?

Our team makes sure to always work hard to help you not only diagnose but fix these problems as quickly as possible. We want our customers to know that we are here 24/7 to help you on your schedule.

What Is Included In Regular Maintenance?

We offer garage door service for all of a city, but we also like to encourage our customers to look into all the other service we offer. It is a good idea to keep up regular maintenance for your garage door. If you set up a maintenance check with us it could help you stay ahead of any emergency situations. Having it lubed and tuned yearly with keep your garage door working for a long time.

A lube and tune service consist of lubricating the springs, rollers, and other moving parts. There are some openers that have a chain assembly and this as well will need to lubricate. Regular maintenance also provides with our techs checking for any loose nuts or bolts and make adjustments as needed. We want to make sure your door runs as smooth as possible.

Is It Good To Have a Garage Door Service Check Up?

We highly recommend having your garage door serviced yearly whether you have concerns or not. Making it a priority to do it around the same time each year is a good idea. Some people like to get it done before winter to prepare for the colder weather, while some rather get it done in the spring while doing all their spring cleaning.

The lube and tune will be done at each yearly service visit along with checking for loose nuts or bolts that need to be adjusted. Our team is happy to give you same day service because we know how important it is to have a good functional garage door. Don’t Question your garage door anymore just give us a call so we can fix it from further damage.

Give Our Team At Antelope A Call Today!

We are ready to help you today. Call and book an appointment today, so we can get you on your way to a good working garage door.

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